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Postdoc Opening: Large-Scale Distributed Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Posted: February 17, 2014
Company/Institution: Virginia Tech and University of Washington
Location: Blacksburg VA and Seattle WA

Description: One postdoc position is available in the area of "Large-Scale Distributed Computer Vision and Machine Learning".

The postdoctoral researcher will be jointly supervised by Prof. Dhruv Batra (Virginia Tech) and Prof. Carlos Guestrin (University of Washington), and will spend time in both groups (flexible; based on the candidate's preference).

As background, for the past few years, Prof. Guestrin's group has been developing GraphLab (, a high-level abstraction for distributed computing. Once implemented in this abstraction, GraphLab automatically distributes the computation on a cluster, optimizing communication, data layout and partitioning, and the scheduling of iterative computation. Prof. Batra's group is developing CloudCV (, an ambitious system that will provide access to state-of-the-art distributed computer vision algorithms as a cloud service. The goal is to democratize computer vision -- one should not have to be a computer vision, big data and distributed computing expert to have access to state-of-the-art distributed computer vision algorithms.

The ideal applicant should hold a PhD (or be close to graduating), with a research focus on computer vision, machine learning and building large-scale distributed systems. Prior familiarity with distributed computing architectures such as MapReduce and Graphlab is a plus, but not strictly necessary. The applicant must have publications at top-tier conferences (CVPR/ICCV/ECCV, NIPS/ICML/UAI/AISTATS) and journals (PAMI, IJCV, JMLR).

There are no mandatory teaching or administrative duties, but the postdoctoral researcher is expected to engage and collaborate with students and other postdocs in the two groups.

Application Instructions: Inquiries and applications should be send to Dhruv Batra (dbatra -at- Applications should include:
  • a resume (including a list of publications)
  • a statement of research experience and interests
  • the contact details of three references.

You are also free to catch one of us at the next conference (CVPR, etc). There is no fixed deadline, and applications will be considered until the positions are filled.