CVPR 2016 Industry Expo

We are very excited about the CVPR 2016 Industry Expo at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas next June, and invite you to become a participant!

The goal of this Industry Expo is to showcase the latest innovations in the computer vision field, to foster better networking among academians and industry partners, as well as create a once-in-a-year opportunities for members of the CVPR community to exchange ideas and look for talents. The format of CVPR has traditionally been primarily academically focused. We're making a major shift to bring in a much bigger, richer industry presence. We're moving from a format of distributed small, table-based booths to a large trade show floor with a choice of booth format, and we strongly encourage technology demos. Our Expo would be strategically-placed to foster interaction between the exhibitors and conference attendees, ensuring maximum exposure and interaction. We particularly encourage companies and other commercial entities or laboratories to participate in demonstrating their products. More and more of the exciting work in Computer Vision is happening in industry. Our goal is to use the CVPR platform to bring together the academic and industry sides of the community in a friendly, informative, visible and highly interactive fashion.

In this first year, we want to emphasize on the trade show-like Expo. The Industry Expo will run the duration of the main conference over four days, co-locating with the poster presentations and snack breaks. An estimation of 2,500-3,000 attendees would have the opportunity to check out the Expo during the entire main conference.