CVPR 2016 Workshops

6/26/16 Perceptual Organization in Computer Vision: The Role of Feedback in Recognition and ReorganizationKaterina Fragkiadaki
6/26/16 Visual Question Answering (VQA) ChallengeDevi Parikh
6/26/16 Computer Vision in Vehicle TechnologyJose M. Alvarez
6/26/16 Biometrics WorkshopAjay Kumar
6/26/16 (AM only)Vision Industry and Entrepreneur WorkshopArnab Dhua
6/26/16 (PM only)Women in Computer VisionSerena Yeung
6/26/16 (AM only)Computational Models for Learning Systems and Educational AssessmentSaad Khan
6/26/16 (PM only)Perception Beyond the Visible SpectrumRiad I. Hammoud
6/26/16 (AM only)Scene Understanding Workshop (SUNw)Aditya Khosla
6/26/16 (PM only)Large-Scale Scene Understanding (LSUN) ChallengeJianxiong Xiao
7/1/16 Large Scale Visual Recognition and Retrieval (BigVision 2016)Vicente Ordonez
7/1/16 DeepVision: Deep Learning in Computer VisionJose M. Alvarez
7/1/16 Egocentric (First Person) VisionMichael S. Ryoo
7/1/16 Embedded Vision WorkshopStefano Mattoccia
7/1/16 Biomedical Image RegistrationJulia Schnabel
7/1/16 Computational Cameras and DisplaysAswin C Sankaranarayanan, Jean-Charles Bazin
7/1/16 Large Scale 3D Data: Acquisition, Modelling and AnalysisJian Zhang, Myron Brown, Charalambos Poullis, Konrad Schindler
7/1/16 ChaLearn Looking at People and Faces of the World: Face Analysis Workshop and ChallengeSergio Escalera, Brais Martinez Alonso
7/1/16 Visual Analysis of Satellite to Street ImageryAsaad Hakeem, Jiangye Yuan
7/1/16 (AM only)Performance Evaluation of Tracking and Surveillance (PETS)James Ferryman
7/1/16 (PM only)Automatic Traffic SurveillanceThomas B. Moeslund
7/1/16 (AM only)Observing and Understanding Hands in ActionGregory Rogez
7/1/16 (PM only)ActivityNet Large Scale Activity Recognition ChallengeJuan Carlos Niebles
7/1/16 (AM only)Medical Computer Vision (MCV) on (big) Data, (deep) Learning and novel RepresentationsLe Lu
7/1/16 (PM only)Computer Vision for Microscopy Image AnalysisMei Chen
7/1/16 (AM only)DIFF-CVML: Differential Geometry in Computer Vision and Machine LearningSebastian Kurtek
7/1/16 (PM only)Context-Based Affect Recognition and Affective Face in-the-wildIrene Kotsia, Zakia Hammal
7/1/16 (AM only)Robust Features for Computer VisionJie Chen
7/1/16 (PM only)Moving Cameras Meet Video Surveillance: From Body-Borne Cameras to DronesRogerio Feris
7/1/16 (AM only)Computer Vision for Visual AnalyticsMichael Aupetit