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Title: Computer Vision - InternshipPosted: March 14, 2013
Company/Institution: Affectiva, Inc.
Location: Waltham, MA, USA

Description: Emotions influence every aspect of our lives - from health to purchasing decisions. At Affectiva, we develop technology that measures emotional responses in an objective and scalable way.  We have the world’s largest repository of real emotion responses, 250,000 videos from over 33 countries, and this set is growing faster every day. We are so far ahead of academia and our competition with this data - we are literally creating a new industry!

Internship Topics Include

  • Robust facial expression estimation via 3D head pose estimation
    • locate facial features and use them to estimate head pose
  • Learn spatio-temporal facial expression vocabulary
  • Learn to distinguish between ‘sad’, ‘fear’, ‘disgust’ and ‘not bad’
    • Do we have enough ground truth to learn this?
  • Robust facial expression estimation via 3D head pose estimation
  • Deep learning for facial expression estimation
  • 3D head shape modeling via structure from motion
  • Facial occlusion estimation using matrix completion

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Jason Gasdick
VP of Talent
Affectiva, Inc.