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Title: Computer Vision Scientist & Image Analysis Systems DeveloperPosted: May 12, 2015
Company/Institution: Lucidyne Technologies, Inc.
Location: Corvallis, Oregon, United States
Department: Image Processing


Lucidyne Technologies, the industry leader in Automated Lumber Grading, has an immediate opening for an experienced and talented person to join our team as a computer vision scientist.

The position requires a PhD degree in computer science with a focus on computer vision, machine learning, or a related field and experience prototyping code to solve real time computer vision problems. The applicant must have experience in image analysis algorithm development, previous employment in an applied research setting, and familiarity with current computer vision research literature. Good analytical, mathematical, and troubleshooting skills are essential.

The selected candidate will work within a team to create and manage high performance image analysis technologies. In addition to receiving a competitive salary and generous health and personal benefits, they will enhance their skill set among a talented and technically accomplished group of colleagues plus enjoy the college town amenities of Corvallis, Oregon. The employee will also enjoy a flexible work environment where contributions are recognized and rewarded.

Job Description

  • Implement and test computer vision and machine learning algorithms to classify and delineate defects in lumber with our senior image processing staff
  • Interact with customers to capture requirements for defect classification
  • Verify sensor performance using custom calibration software and analysis tools
  • Maintain code models in C++, Python, or MATLAB for defect detection/classification and computational geometry
  • Work with Senior Software Engineers to integrate code into production modules

Our scanning system is highly integrated into a high speed lumber mill's production flow. We identify defects in wood at speeds approaching 3000 ft/min. False positives can be very expensive for our customers and we are pushing the limits of technology to satisfy their requirements. Innovation is not our "job", it's our passion.

Applicants must be fluent in English and have the energy to produce results under time constraints.

Application Instructions:

Apply online ( or visit the Lucidyne exhibit at CVPR 2015.