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Title: Computational Imaging Research ScientistPosted: May 9, 2015
Company/Institution: Light
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Department: Computational Imaging / Kari Pulli

Description: We are looking for a few great research scientists to join our growing team. Light is working on a new type of computational camera that enables many new features, such as a great zoom in a compact form factor.
An ideal candidate has a PhD in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or some related field, and is familiar with the latest research literature in Computational Photography and Computer Vision (e.g., stereo, registration, matting, light fields, calibration, noise removal, super-resolution, demosaicking).
We program in C++; Halide or Python skills are a plus, but just Matlab (or even C) is not sufficient; we expect you to be able to write complete and optimized programs, not just algorithm snippets. You should be very familiar with OpenCV, experience with Qt would be useful too.
Strong mathematics skills are needed, as well as ability to modify and extend cutting edge research algorithms to a new type of camera.
Come join us to re-invent photography, join a strong research and engineering team, and experience what it is like to work in a successful startup in the heart of Silicon Valley, down-town Palo Alto.

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