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Title: Research ScientistPosted: May 11, 2015
Company/Institution: Clarifai
Location: New York City, NY


Help break new ground on emerging problems as we explore the space of application areas that has been opened up by recent research.
Yes, we are interested in publishing, but more interested in building incredible applications and tools.

  • Improve performance of convolutional neural networks.
  • NLP / semantic word models for text understanding, entity extraction, and classification.
  • Image, video, and audio understanding.
  • Serious engineering and coding skills, not just classwork.
  • Optimizing and benchmarking algorithms.
  • Machine learning research background. Rigorous evaluation.
  • Experience handling internet-scale data sets and the unique problems they pose.
  • Experience programming in the GP-GPU model, e.g Cuda or openCL.
  • Masters or higher level degree.

Application Instructions: Please send your CV to and visit for all related positions