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Title: Two funded PhD positions in 3D Computer Vision & Machine LearningPosted: May 12, 2015
Company/Institution: Inria
Location: Grenoble, France
Department: Morpheo team


The Inria Morpheo team’s central research objectives are to analyse time-sequences of captured objects in motion,
as observed by multiple cameras and sensors, with many applications such as sport, medical diagnosis,
movie production and entertainment. The Morpheo team has just set up a 100m2 acquisition studio comprised of
a 68 four Megapixel camera acquisition system with dedicated compute cluster at Inria Grenoble Rhône Alpes,
 as part of the Kinovis Equipex platform funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR). The platform is
 aimed at pushing the boundaries of 4D analysis and modelling, and can produce data for studio scenes of
 unprecedented scale and coverage. As such it comes with many challenges on how to optimally combine all possible
 data and integrate it over time, in a computationally efficient manner, which we aim to address with new
analysis and algorithms.

The positions are in the context of the Achmov project, funded by the French National Research agency (ANR).

  • The first funded PhD position will address the problem of creating shape spaces of dressed humans in motion,
    to more accurately deal with human clothes and reconstruct them.
  • The second funded PhD position will address the problem of 4D modelling and reconstruction,
    to build full temporally coherent surface geometry and texture reconstructions from all available cameras and sequence frames.


The PhDs will take place in the lively city of Grenoble which hosts many foreign students and researchers.
Located in the heart of the French Alps, its direct surroundings offer great outdoor recreation including skiing,
cycling, and hiking. Paris can be reached from Grenoble in 3h by train.

Application Instructions: Please follow the above links for details on each project and on how to apply.
More details on the Morpheo team and projects are available on the team webpage.