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Title: Computer Vision ResearcherPosted: May 19, 2015
Company/Institution: Seeing Machines
Location: Canberra, Australia


We are looking for an outstanding researcher in the field of computer vision, machine learning and face recognition to join our core technology R&D team to enable us to accelerate our diverse research program. This position will be located in Canberra, Australia, reporting to the Computer Vision Team Lead.

To be successful in this role from a technical perspective, you will have strong theoretical and mathematical skills and a working knowledge of the latest computer vision techniques, with an emphasis on machine learning and face recognition. You must demonstrate an ability to express technical concepts clearly and calmly, and promote team collaboration and cohesion. Strong communications skills, coupled with a pragmatic approach to problem solving and willingness to champion ideas are therefore essential characteristics you will possess.

This is a role that requires a deep appreciation of the difference between a demo and technology that works. You must have a proven ability to not simply reproduce the work of others but also be able to innovate new techniques. You will be at your best when working in a team, and be willing and able to learn from your peers and able to mentor in-kind, without prejudice.

Main purpose of the role:
Research into state of the art techniques for computer vision, machine learning and face recognition algorithms, with translation into effective algorithms in Python and C++

Required Qualifications, Skills and Experience:
  • Masters or PhD level qualifications in computer vision, or equivalent experience
  • Experience in developing vision algorithms for a product or system that is used in the real world
  • 5+ years’ experience developing in C++ or Python
  • Knowledge and experience with machine learning and face recognition
  • This role will be primarily based in Canberra, Australia, and you must be able to live and work in Australia to be eligible for appointment
Other attributes:
  • Ability to work effectively in a team and respond cooperatively to the requirements of other company members
  • Strong drive towards innovation
  • Ability to champion ideas and achieve consensus within a team
  • Ability to set priorities and meet deadline
  • Strong desire to apply software engineering principles and pragmatically improve software quality within a dynamic development environment
  • Ability and desire to continuously learn new skills, and to share and impart knowledge to others effectively
  • Good oral and written English communications skills
Key elements and activities of the role:
  • Research into state of the art techniques for computer vision, machine learning and face recognition algorithms
  • Implementing algorithms in C++ and Python
  • Working closely with experienced Software Engineers to productise research results
  • Constantly learning

Application Instructions:

This role is specialised, and there are several key criteria you will be required to meet to be actively considered for appointment. In addition to providing your technical qualifications, experience and personal attributes as outlined below, you should also include reference links to your earlier work, and some sample C++ or Python source code (or equivalent) as evidence of your capabilities.

If this sounds interesting to you, please submit your CV and application to for consideration.