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Title: PostDoc position: Multimodal 3D data fusion and reconstructionPosted: April 4, 2013
Company/Institution: European Commission, Joint Research Centre
Location: Ispra, Italy
Department: Institute Transuranium Elements/Nuclear Security Unit

Description: The selected candidate will work on the development of new algorithms to reconstruct the content of closed containers by fusing data acquired from heterogeneous sensors (such as X-ray, colour cameras and 3D data). In particular we aim at precisely calibrating the employed sensors by exploiting the 3D information of the outer environment. We then aim at reconstructing the 3D content of the containers by exploiting the information recovered using the calibrated sensors. The project aims at developing different calibration techniques and object alignment algorithms, including sensors calibration, images segmentation, object alignment and 3D reconstruction. The final reconstruction must be precisely located in the original environment. Moreover augmented reality technique will be investigated to provide a real time feedback on the position of the detected content. Results are expected to be of high scientific quality and publishable on high level conferences and journals. Qualifications: The ideal candidate should have a Ph.D. or a minimum of 5 years of research experience after the first degree giving access to doctoral studies in Computer Vision or similar with proven experience on i) 3D geometry and Linear Algebra ii) Camera Calibration and multi-view geometry; iii) Software development using C++ and MATLAB.

Application Instructions: To apply go to: and apply to Code: 2013-IPR-E-30-000-1574 - CAT 30 - ISPRA Multimodal 3D data fusion and reconstruction Deadline: 30/04/2013 23:59 CET