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Title: Senior Software Engineer - Machine Learning StartupPosted: May 21, 2015
Company/Institution: Charles Weitzer and Associates, Inc.
Location: San Francisco

Description: My name is Charles Weitzer. I do recruiting for machine learning teams worldwide. One of my clients is a startup quantitative hedge fund located in Northern California. The founders previous worked together at one of the most successful quantitative hedge funds in the world in New York City. Now they are ready to do it again. The team would like to hire an extremely talented software engineer as soon as possible. They are rebuilding their current trading strategy and system and also designing a new strategy. You could work on either or both. The title and level of seniority are very flexible. Their team has made several unpublished discoveries in the field of machine learning and in other areas as well. This is an opportunity to leverage these discoveries in a real world environment. Here is their description of the position: ********************************************************** Software Engineer Fast-growing quantitative trading firm seeks an exceptional software engineer. You will design and build new production trading systems, machine learning infrastructure, data integration pipelines, and large-scale storage systems. We seek a candidate with a proven track record of building correct, well-designed software, solving hard problems, and delivering complex projects on time. You should preferably have experience designing and implementing fault-tolerant distributed systems. Experience with building large-scale data infrastructure, stream processing systems, or latency-sensitive programs is a bonus. We are getting big fast. Willingness to take initiative, and a gritty determination to productize, are essential. Join a team that includes faculty at premier universities and PhD's from top-tier schools, led by the founder and CEO of a successful Internet infrastructure startup. You will have a high impact, and you can expect frequent interaction with the researchers, officers, and founders. Compensation and benefits are highly competitive. Qualifications: * Experience developing with C/C++/Python/Go in a Linux environment with a focus on performance, concurrency, and correctness. * Experience working in TCP/IP networking, multithreading and server development. * Experience working with common Internet protocols (IP, TCP/UDP, SSL/TLS, HTTP, SNMP, etc.) * Experience architecting and designing highly-available critical systems. * Experience architecting and designing large-scale data management infrastructure. * Experience working in large codebases and building modular, manageable code. Useful Skills: * Experience with debugging and performance profiling, including the use of tools such as strace, valgrind, gdb, tcpdump, etc. * Experience with build and test automation tools. * Experience working with well-defined change management processes. * Has experience hunting down RDBMS performance problems, understands indexing options, can read an execution/explain plan, has some experience with ORM and optimization at the code layer, etc. * Experience with messaging queues (such as RabbitMQ and Redis), as well as distributed caching systems. ********************************************************** This group is currently managing a very healthy amount of capital. And their job description above is really just a starting point in terms of possible responsibilities and seniority. They can be very flexible for the right person.

Application Instructions: Please send your CV or LinkedIn profile to If you would like to discuss over the phone, please let me know the best number and time to reach you. Thank you, Charles Weitzer CEO\Senior Recruiter Charles Weitzer and Associates, Inc. Global Financial Recruiting Services Voice: USA (510) 558-9182