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Title: Research Scientist/EngineerPosted: May 27, 2015
Company/Institution: XIM Industry Inc.
Location: Guangzhou/Shenzhen
Department: R&D


# Major(s)
Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related fields

# Degree Level
Ph.D. or M.Sc. (with at least 3 years of industry experience)

# Start Date

# Tasks & Responsibilities:

a. Lead and conduct advanced research and engineering on visual computing technologies and systems, including 3D computer vision, augmented/mixed reality, wearable computing, and vision graphics (e.g., image/video-based 3D modeling and rendering);
b. Together with engineering team, drive the design and implementation of innovative solutions that improve the user experience of next generation mobile visual computing;
c. Actively promote ideas from visual computing research to product development.
# Required Knowledge and Skills:
a. Hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of 3D computer vision and augmented reality technologies, including 2D/3D tracking, camera calibration, 3D reconstruction, image/video-based rendering and modeling.
b. Excellent C/C++ programming skills, proficient with scripting languages (e.g., Perl, Python) and visual computing related libraries (e.g., OpenCV, OpenGL, ARToolkit).
c. 3+ years of development and prototyping experience in large, high-quality software systems, especially real-time computer vision and graphics systems.
d. Passion for quality products, software development principles and best practices.
e. Strong research and problem solving skills.
f. Up to date with the latest findings and trends in computer vision and augmented reality.
g. Excellent communication, teamwork and technical writing skills.

# Desired Knowledge and Skills:

a. Demonstrated success in real-time 3D computer vision and augmented reality system or product development.
b. Demonstrated success in any leadership role of product development.
c. Excellent publication record in leading visual computing venues (e.g., ICCV, CVPR, ISMAR, VR, SIGGRAPH).
d. Experience in mobile and embedded platform(ARM, DSP, FPGA) development.

# About XIM

Xim industry Inc. is a predecessor in mobile visual computing, specialized in multi-modal motion tracking technology and products. Its information fusion technologies enable a seamless interaction between the physical and the virtual world, with a focus in virtual reality applications.

Xim launched its first input device, the MACE, in April 2015. MACE is capable of real-time human motion capture and gesture recognition. Its advanced version, in the near future, will be able to provide haptic feedback.

Xim delivers integrated solutions from hardware systems to software services by leveraging embedded heterogeneous computing platform with industry-leading image and visual computing algorithms. Xim helps businesses and people across a variety of market sectors, ranging from sport and gaming industries to engineers, medics, and students.

Xim has an elite team of researchers & engineers whose expertise spans the entire spectrum of image/visual computing.

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