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Title: AI Research Group - Researcher / Software EngineerPosted: May 28, 2015
Company/Institution: The University of Tokyo
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Department: GCI

Description: We at the GCI Artificial Intelligent Research Group, University of Tokyo, Japan are looking for several post-doctoral fellows (or PhD students) and software engineers. We have been running a research group which aims to conduct various researches like;

1) Designing and developing novel Deep Learning algorithms
2) Making efficient computational models on GPU and distribtuted computing (HPC)
3) Hacking & enchnding deep learning libraries (Pylearn2 and Torch7)
4) Web and other big-data analysis
5) Practical application development

About the research group

The AI research group now heavily focuses on deep learning algorithms and Web data analysis to achieve world-leading AI technologies which can be used for various applications in wide areas.
About us: GCI, the University of Tokyo -

Hiring process

CV, interview, and "live coding"

Application Instructions: send us following information;

* CV
* helpful information to understand about your skills
(Github account name, linkedin page...)
* the reasons why you are interested in this position

Contact: Kotaro Nakayama -