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Title: Postdoctoral Fellow, Research Scientist, or Software EngineerPosted: April 9, 2013
Company/Institution: HHMI - Janelia Farm Research Campus
Location: Ashburn, VA
Department: Jain Lab

Description: The Jain lab at the HHMI Janelia Farm Research Campus near Washington, DC, has open positions for researchers with experience and interests in machine learning, computer vision, or quantitative analysis of brain wiring diagrams. The lab is at the forefront of developing high-throughput methods to map the brain at synaptic resolution, using a combination of large-scale electron microscopy and machine learning based automated image analysis. Example projects being pursued in the lab include: * developing large-scale deep networks for biological image analysis using Janelia’s 4000-core CPU/GPU cluster * developing novel structured prediction methods for reasoning about image data * developing tools for crowdsourcing image analysis * developing novel analytical techniques for understanding network structure in wiring diagrams Positions could be at the level of a postdoctoral fellow, research scientist, or software engineer, depending on the individual. Further information about the lab is available at: Please contact Dr. Viren Jain with questions or inquiries: About Janelia Farm Research Campus: Janelia Farm Research Campus is a state of the art pure research facility near Washington, DC devoted to method development and scientific advancement in in the imaging, biological, and computational sciences. All activity at the campus is fully internally funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

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