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Title: Vision Systems EngineerPosted: June 5, 2015
Company/Institution: Magic Leap
Location: Mountain View, CA
Department: Perception/Systems


Job Description

The candidate must have extensive experience in Computer Vision with specialization in at least one of the following areas:
  • Sensor calibration: Design and implement algorithms for online and offline calibration of complex devices composed of several sensors, cameras, IMUs, depth sensors and imagers. Collaborate with other engineers on the design and deployment of a fully automatic robotics-aided calibration process targeted for factory production.
  • Visual-Inertial pose tracking: Design and implement advanced algorithms for estimating the 3D pose of head-mounted device by optimally fusing visual and inertial measurements collected from multiple cameras and IMUs.
  • Dense mapping: Design and implement advanced algorithms for reconstructing dense 3D models of large scale indoor environments using depth sensors.
  • 3D scene understanding: Design and implement 3D scene segmentation algorithms based on depth, motion or texture data.
  • Eye tracking: Design and implement advanced algorithms for real-time stereoscopic eye vergence tracking in 3D.
  • Hand Gesture Tracking: Design and implement advanced algorithms for real-time detection and tracking of hand gestures in 3D.
  • 3D object tracking: Design and implement robust algorithms for detecting and tracking the 6 DOF pose of known moving objects from multiple cameras in presence of clutter and occlusions.
  • Data collection, performance analysis and rapid prototyping: Design and implement several data capture platforms using a Vicon system and a Kuka robot arm and build data bridges between platforms by working on rigid registration of 3D data, temporal alignment and data format conversion. Build and support SW infrastructure for data collection, processing and analytics internally and in the cloud. Rapid SW and HW prototyping of systems and tools.
  • Software systems engineer: Architect, design and implement SW systems including databases, continuous integration servers, computing clusters, web and cloud tools.


  • Expert knowledge in at least one area listed above
  • Fluent in C/C++ (programming and debugging)
  • Experience working with OpenCV
  • (optional) Knowledge of parallel computing, OpenCL, GPGPU
  • (optional) Knowledge software optimization and embedded programming


  • MS in CS or EE
  • Ph.D Preferred


All your information will be kept confidential according to Equal Employment Opportunities guidelines.

Application Instructions: Send your CV directly to us at

Also, come speak with us at CVPR to meet Magic Leap's Perception researchers and engineers!
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