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Title: An experienced expert in Signal Processing Posted: June 5, 2015
Company/Institution: Safran
Location: Paris Saclay, France
Department: Research Team in Signal and Data analysis



With more than 66,500 employees worldwide, Safran is a top-tier supplier of high-tech systems and equipment, with leading positions in the Aerospace, Defense and Security industries.

Safran invests 12% of her revenue in Research & Development to match the fast-pace of dynamic markets. Thomson-Reuters ranked Safran one of the Top 100 Global Innovators with an average of 750 patents per year. (Ranked number 3 in the top French organizations to have patents granted)

SAFRAN is building a state of the art corporate research center to develop out-of the box innovations and disruptive technologies for the aerospace, defense and security industries.

This facility will be located in Paris-Saclay campus, the French world-class technology cluster of research institutions and higher education.

This research center will be comprised of ~300 multicultural aerospace physical, and computer scientists and engineers organized into three main fields: advanced aerospace systems (propulsion and energetics, electrical and electronic systems); digital technologies (information and signal processing, modeling and simulation); materials and sensors (materials and processes, test lab, sensor technologies and applications).

To participate to the creation and development of Safran Research Center





An experienced expert in Signal Processing


to help us meet the major technology challenges that are key to tomorrow's products

Permanent position in the greater Paris area, to be filled immediately


Job description

You will contribute to the design of new sensors and equipment for Safran by identifying, developing and validating innovative "low level" signal/image/data processing techniques that can be used to enhance the acquisition and interpretation of physical information. The targeted applications are in the aerospace, biometrics/security, defense, industrial inspection and manufacturing sectors.




  • Participate in drawing up Safran's scientific and technical road map in your area of expertise, to meet the needs of Safran companies.
  • Manage research projects (in house or joint).
  • Identify, set up and monitor structural academic partnerships, whether in France, Europe or worldwide.
  • Submit proposals for collaborative R&T projects (Government Agencies Research Programs, EU Research Programs, etc.). Seek external funding sources.
  • Promote and transfer the skills and technologies developed in your unit to Group companies.
  • Provide expertise and recommendations to Group companies.
  • Propose and advise doctoral theses, support post docs and interns.

·        Develop software platforms and libraries.


Job characteristics:


  • Project management and management of research/technology teams.
  • Capitalizing on and spreading knowledge.
  • Innovation and creativity.
  • Expert investigations or studies for industry.
  • Outside partnerships with academia or industry.
  • Occasional trips to other Safran entities.
  • Travel in France and abroad.


Scientific and technical skills required:


Scientific skills:

·        Information and sampling theory. Information geometry, "sparse" approaches, etc.

·        Signal and noise modeling (electro-optical sensors, acoustic sensors, vibration sensors, X-ray sensors and computed-tomography, ultrasound, eddy currents, etc.).

·        Optimized intermediate representations and segmentation.

·        Linear and non-linear filtering.

·        Partial differential operators, Markov models, Mathematical morphology.

·        Blind deconvolution, noise suppression, restoration, resampling, source separation.

·        Uncertainty propagation and management.

·        Multi-sensor fusion.

·        Real-time implementation of the aforementioned techniques (GPU, FPGA, etc.).

·        Programming: C/C++, Matlab, OpenCV, Python, etc.


Ability to apply these scientific skills to meet industry requirements:

·        Gathering requirements (functional and performance) and modeling problems.

·        System design in data acquisition/processing/analysis systems.

·        Performance justification and evaluation methodology. Risk identification and management.

·        Integration of computing capacity and run time.

·        Integration of program requirements (price quote, timetable, deliverables).

·        Construction of demonstrators.


Soft Skills

  • Ability to listen to people, synthesize information and sharing knowledge.
  • Ability to operate independently, very meticulous, writing and presentation skills


Education and experience

After earning a PhD (Signal/image processing - applied math), you should have five to ten years of experience in the public and/or private sector, including management of research and R&T projects at the national and international level.

Experience in carrying out study or expert investigation missions for industry.


Application Instructions:

For more information and to apply for job, please contact:

Christophe ACOLANT at and visit



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