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Title: Instrument Sensor EngineerPosted: June 9, 2015
Company/Institution: Planetary Resources
Location: Redmond, WA
Department: Technical Staff

Description: As an Instrument Sensor Engineer, you will be responsible for the engineering of spacecraft photon-sensing instrumentation through all phases of the product life-cycle. The work will include sensor selection, packaging, sensor readout electronics development, integration within the spacecraft, and operations. Understanding the trade-offs between building our own components and using off-the-shelf products is crucial. The Instrument Sensor Engineer will work with our Optical Designer to implement the most cost effective designs and is expected to have a broad base of sensor knowledge and band-passes, from the optical into the infrared. Working with a small team of software and hardware engineers, you will participate in the design, integration and test of innovative small spacecraft. Major emphasis is placed on building highly reliable systems that are low-cost and extremely mass- and power-efficient.

Application Instructions: Required Qualifications: · BS or MS (Preferred) in relevant discipline · Completed life-cycle responsibility of at least one photon-sensing instrument system · Experience with visible spectrum CMOS devices · Experience with low noise analog and readout electronics · Experience with sensor level implementation · Experience with diagnosis, debugging at the system and component level · Integration of sensor into instrument package · Strong written and verbal communication skills · Experience taking a product from design to implementation Desirable, but not required: · Experience with data reduction and analysis · Experience with PCB layout and design for sensors · Experience with Verilog or VHDL and FPGA image processing algorithms · Experience with ordering custom devices from large vendors (i.e., e2v, Fairchild, etc) · Experience in implementing high-reliability systems · Experience with space based sensor systems · Experience with infrared sensors · Experience with open source hardware or software · Experience with development, integration, and test of sensor read-out integrated circuits (ROICs) Applicants must be eligible for employment within the United States of America. Apply to or