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Title: Object Detection And 3D Pose Estimation - Computer Vision ExpertPosted: August 5, 2020
Company/Institution: Mujin Inc.
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Department: Computer Vision Team


  We gather the smartest people from all over the world to tackle the most challenging robot automation problems, in order to deliver the latest and best robot technologies into factories, warehouses, food centers, and many others.

We build real-time vision and motion planning solutions that have a huge demand in industrial settings. We are looking for expert vision engineers to develop object recognition and 3D pose estimation solutions in scenarios that require real-time robot perception such as random bin-picking.

You'll be part of the core R&D team within Mujin and will focus on the algorithmic design, development and deployment of the computer vision applications. We work in a fast paced, agile environment, where we constantly collaborate, peer review ideas, and test proposed solutions. We encourage continuous learning and brainstorming of ideas within the team. You will need to:

- Solve cutting-edge scientific and technical challenges related to recognition and pose estimation of a very wide variety of objects in challenging scenarios.
- Analyze and evaluate state of the art algorithms related to detection and pose estimation, from academic and industrial research, and implement and enhance them in a production environment.
- Design, develop, and evaluate the performance of highly scalable and accurate real-time computer vision applications, in Python and C/C++.
- Perform detailed test, carry out performance analysis on algorithms and use continuous integration tools to finely enhance the rapidly deployed algorithms.

Required Skills:
- Experience in software development and software testing. (C++ or Python).
- Experience in software code management using Git and Git wrappers such as GitLab or Github.
- Experience in software development in a Linux environment.
- Technical communication skills in English (reading and writing strongly emphasized).

Preferable Skills:
- PhD in Computer Vision related topics or MSc with vast computer vision experience.
- Expert in 3D pose estimation of textured and textureless objects in cluttered scenes, with proven experience.
- Very solid Python and C++ experience.
- Experience with a vast set of computer vision libraries.
- Solid mathematical background.
- Previous contributions to open source projects.
- Advanced Linux user.
- Previous contributions to open source projects.
- Extras: object tracking, SLAM, computer graphics, augmented reality, machine learning, exposure to projects in robotics.

Company Introduction Material:
Get to know Mujin!

Robot Demo Videos:
IREX 2019 - Uniqlo Project 2019 - IREX 2017 - Bolt picking - Liquid handeling
Many more on Mujin Youtube Channel!

Application Instructions:

If you are excited about computer vision, and want to tackle the most challenging perception problems in robotics, please send your resume to

To know more about us, visit the MUJIN website at