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Title: Machine Learning EngineerPosted: June 15, 2015
Company/Institution: Expect Labs
Location: San Francisco
Department: Engineering

Description: Expect Labs is working on some of the most challenging problems in applied AI. We are utilizing modern statistical machine learning techniques to better understand natural voice inputs for any custom knowledge domain. We are looking for a talented software engineer who has experience with machine learning and an interest in natural language understanding and information retrieval. Our ideal candidate will have either a strong academic background or a proven track record in the industry. We look for candidates with experience building high performing machine learning classifiers for complex systems. Additionally, experience with applied NLP toolkits and modern search ranking techniques is very relevant for this position. Things We Look For: B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. in Computer Science or Machine Learning Solid knowledge of statistical classifier models (HMM, SVM, deep/recurrent ANN, CRF, LMT, etc.) and of best practices in attribute selection, dimensionality reduction, runtime performance optimization Familiarity with toolkits such as Scikit-learn, numpy, scipy, R, Weka, Matlab, NLTK, Stanford CoreNLP Fluency in Python or other scripting languages Knowledge of NLP techniques such as PoS tagging, NP chunking, shallow/deep parsing, NER Knowledge of IR concepts such as statistical search ranking, knowledge graphs, vectorial semantics, LSA, document clustering - See more at:

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