PamiTC Job Board - Posting Details

Title: Lead Machine Learning / Computer Vision EngineerPosted: July 10, 2015
Company/Institution: Stanford University
Location: Stanford CA
Department: Computer Science / Pediatrics

Description: We are looking for a driven machine learning and computer vision engineer to co-lead our core technology team on the Autism Glass Project.

You should have a strong background in applied mathematics, optimization, machine learning, and software development. We are working on research problems on a product development timeline, so you should be enough of a scientist to be able to understand and implement your average ICCV paper, and enough of a hacker to be able to immerse yourself in challenging tasks without much guidance or background and write production-ready code. Ideal candidates for this position have a PhD or MS in a field related to artificial intelligence as well as publications at conferences such as ICCV or NIPS.

Required experience:
  • Linear Algebra
  • Machine Learning
  • Programming experience on a large-scale project in C/C++
  • Computer Vision and OpenCV
  • Comfortable in a Unix environment with common developer tools
  • Knowledge of Objective-C, iOS, and Android development
  • GPU Programming experience
  • At least one scripting language and a basic understanding of processing large datasets
  • Previous work in face tracking, face recognition, or expression recognition
  • Image processing background
  • Deep learning experience and familiarity with Caffe

Application Instructions: Contact nhaber at stanfordedu