PamiTC Job Board - Posting Details

Title: Co-founder / CTO / Lead developer / DevelopersPosted: July 20, 2015
Company/Institution: MLLabs
Location: Bangalore, India
Department: Research & Development

Description: We are a stealth mode start-up addressing problems using Deep Learning. We are very nascent and are looking to build products to solve an array of research problems that translate to immediate industry solutions.
Currently, we are engaged in developing research prototypes. We are looking for hacker-level experienced developers who are capable of giving direction to the company and creating turnkey solutions using Machine Learning, Computer Vision and NLP. Sentiment analysis, handwriting recognition and ad optimisation are few solutions that we're developing for unexplored markets. We also have use-cases that give an opportunity to work with never before seen, very high frequency streaming data and the potential to build learning models from them.
1. Lead the design and implementation of learning algorithms to suit the use-case requirements.
2. Engage in research and development of refining models and guide documentation of products developed.
3. Identify good resources and talent.
4. You're a hacker with a PhD. or MS (with 3+ years of experience). Although this is not a firm criterion.
5. Must be comfortable with (any three) OpenCV, PCL, Python, Scala, C, Hadoop, Caffe/Torch and Matlab.
6. Familiarity with optimisations on GPUs is desirable.
All the good perks of working in an early-stage start-up are applicable.

Application Instructions: Please send in an email to mllabs.srini at gmail dot com. Kindly include any material you think may be necessary.