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Title: Computer Vision Software EngineerPosted: May 15, 2013
Company/Institution: Intel
Location: Santa Clara, CA
Department: Perceptual Computing

Description: Position Summary
The Software Engineer will perform computer vision / video analytic research to develop algorithms that advances our mandate of enhancing the user experience of computing devices in meaningful ways. The candidate must demonstrate an eagerness to dive in and understand research conducted by others and where applicable, extend and/or modify it to leverage its functionality. The successfully candidate will demonstrate excellent Windows programming skills, and will also be willing to learn and contribute to development in mobile environments, especially Android, as we roll our products into the mobile space.

We’re particularly interested in candidates who are leaders in the field of 3D Reconstruction. Of particular interest are methods that combine classic techniques of 2D RGB image stitching and more recent methods that utilize depth data in RGBD images.

Main Duties
  • Lead computer vision related research activities including rapid prototyping, analysis and algorithm improvement,
  • Document research activities and the results,
  • Develop computer vision based software solutions based upon the research,
  • Work with various development teams (software, documentation, QA) to estimate the time and resources required to develop/improve products based on their computer vision research,
  • Assist and/or lead industrialization efforts that turn research versions of software solutions into saleable products,
  • Remain current in the field of computer vision and video gesture control technology by reading papers and trade journals and attending seminars and trade shows,
  • Identify and make recommendations of areas where R&D efforts should be applied
At least a Bachelors, but more likely an advanced degree in Computer Science with a focus on Computer Vision and experience in the following:
  • 2D and/or 3D experience in one or more of the following:
    • Object tracking,
    • Object recognition,
    • Augmented reality,
    • Gesture recognition,
    • Pose estimation,
    • Stereo and/or time of flight camera analysis,
    • Motion analysis,
    • 3D reconstruction,
    • Image registration
  • Machine learning,
  • Creation of practical, well-structured and efficient algorithms suitable for commercial deployment with minimal optimization
The successful candidate will likely have some of these skills as well:
  • Experience with 3D Reconstruction techniques,
  • Experience developing 3D graphic tools and engines,
  • Game development experience,
  • Technology hungry with a keen interest in learning about and owning the hottest new technology,
  • Experience with:
    • Android,
    • C# / .NET,
    • Windows Presentation Foundation,
    • Matlab,
    • Assembler,
    • Java,
    • XML
  • Avid gamer,
  • Tenacious, “whatever-it-takes” personality,
  • Familiarity with agile development (Extreme Programming),
  • Familiarity with source control (git),
  • Familiarity with QA processes

Application Instructions: Send your CV and relevant publications (if any) directly to the hiring manager howard.waterfall AT