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Title: Machine Learning and Signal Processing ExpertPosted: September 18, 2015
Company/Institution: GRADIANT
Location: Vigo, Spain
Department: Multimodal Information Area


The Machine Learning and Signal Processing Expert (MLSPE) is a key position within Gradiant. The MLSPE is expected to have a strong expertise in machine learning and multidimensional signal processing techniques and tools, and must be able to provide assessment and guidance to the Development Team members.

The MLSPE will also contribute to software developments related to audio-visual and sequential data analysis, in disciplines with strong machine learning requirements such as biometrics (face, speaker, and handwritten signature recognition) and scene understanding (e.g. for object detection). Such software developments will be typically integrated in Gradiant’s solutions, which are currently being transferred to industry and tested in real world scenarios.


* Technical leader in machine learning and multidimensional signal processing:

> Provide technical guidance and advice to the Development Team members.

> Be continuously aware of the state-of-the art in machine learning, pattern recognition, signal processing and computer vision (including attendance to specific workshops and conferences)

> Define Gradiant strategy in topics related to machine learning, identifying the most promising paradigms and techniques, and taking the necessary steps to get qualified in such techniques.

> Select the most appropriate machine learning techniques to solve the challenges we are daily facing in our real-world R&D developments.

> Develop and lead a small team of machine learning-oriented engineers.

> Review and identify how current solutions already available at Gradiant can be improved through the application of machine learning techniques.

> Contribution to the development of machine learning-based specific software modules, with application in the fields of biometrics and scene understanding.

> Preparation of R&D project proposals with strong machine learning requirements.

Key Skills

* Strong scientific background on statistics, machine learning and signal processing:

> Demonstrated experience in multivariate statistical analysis and stochastic processes.

> Demonstrated experience with Hidden Markov Models, Support Vector Machines, Deep Learning, and other commonly used techniques in machine learning and pattern recognition, such as dimensionality reduction, metric learning, classifiers, and information fusion.

> Demonstrated experience in the application of machine learning and pattern recognition techniques for audio-visual processing.

> Demonstrated experience in computer vision.

* Development skills:

> Demonstrated experience in C++ development. Must be f familiar with the following libraries: STL, OpenCV, linear algebra libraries (armadillo), deep neural networks (caffe).

> Demonstrated experience in multitasking oriented development (e.g. POSIX threading, C++ 11 threading).

> Demonstrated experience in scripting languages for rapid prototyping such as Matlab.

* Communication skills.

> Leadership skills (team building, management, and mentoring).

Desired Skills

* Experience in cryptographic schema, such as Fuzzy Commitment, Fuzzy Vault, and Bloom Filters.

* Experience using Big Data frameworks such as Hadoop or Spark.

* Ability for performing effective communications for industrial audience.

* Project management: requirements, planning, coordination and customer communication.

Minimum Qualifications

* PhD in Telecommunications, Informatics, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science or related subject.

* At least 3 years of experience in a machine learning position.

* At least 3 years of experience in a R&D position. Preferred Qualifications

* 5 years of experience in biometrics, speech processing or computer vision.

* 2 years of experience in applied machine learning, preferably in industry.

* 2 years of experience in deep learning.

* 1 year of experience in cryptosystems.

What you will find in Gradiant

Our philosophy is simple: we want to help companies. We integrate knowledge transfer and develop specific technologies for each company or organization, adding the value of our engineers, their experience, their technical skills and their proximity to the market. We play a key role in the generation and transfer of ICT knowledge, demonstrating that competing in the international arena from a place like Galicia is possible, through professionalism and excellence in R&D. We enjoy a great atmosphere, full of motivated people committed to each project carried out. Gradiant staff is very young and faces every day as a challenge, with companionship and excellent work environment. We enjoy flexible schedule, adapted to necessities of each position.

Application Instructions: Enquiries can be made through the following mail account: Applicants please send an email including a cover letter detailing your suitability for the position in question, detailed CV, list of publications, patents and projects, reference letters, and address of two referees to support your application. All applications should include the text “[OF0615] MLSPE Job Offer” in the subject. Please, send them by e-mail to