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Title: Max Planck Postdoctoral Fellowship for Excellent Women in Computer SciencePosted: September 23, 2015
Company/Institution: Max Planck Institute for Informatics
Location: Saarbruecken, Germany


Every second year the Max Planck Institute for Informatics awards the Lise Meitner Award Fellowship. This postdoctoral grant supports excellent female computer scientists in their careers, giving them the opportunity to develop their scientific ideas without exertion of influence. It consists of a two-year tax-free research fellowship and business expenses.

The Max Planck Society is Germany's largest society for fundamental research with more than 30 Nobel Prize winners, including Prof. Christiane N├╝sslein-Volhard - one of the few female Nobel Laureates. The research institutes of the Max Planck Society are nationally and internationally renowned as Centers of Excellence in foundational research.

The Max Planck Institute (MPI) for lnformatics is devoted to cutting-edge research in computer science and technology with a focus on algorithms and their applications in a broad sense. Its research ranges from fundamental topics (algorithms and complexity, automation of logic) to a variety of application domains (computer graphics and vision, geometric computation, program verification, databases and information systems, and computational biology). The MPI for lnformatics is located on the campus of Saarland University in Saarbr├╝cken, Germany.

The Saarland University campus is also home to the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems, the German Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Center for IT-Security, Privacy and Accountability, the Cluster of Excellence on Multimodal Computing and Interaction, the Center for Bioinformatics, and the Graduate School of Computer Science. These institutions cooperate closely and comprise a total of more than 500 researchers in computer science. The institute collaborates with several of the major research institutions in Europe and the United States and has high international visibility.

The MPI for lnformatics strives to provide a family-friendly work environment, with day care opportunities for smaller children and other means of support for working mothers.

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