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Title: Computer Vision / Machine Learning EngineerPosted: October 9, 2015
Company/Institution: Cruise Automation
Location: San Francisco, CA

Description: We're the driverless car company. Come work with a team of Computer Vision PhDs and MSs on technically challenging problems, building products that improve lives and prevent car accidents.

Our team is small, but we move quickly. In less than a year, we built prototype vehicles that have logged over 10,000 autonomous miles on California highways. We're looking for smart, ambitious people to help develop our next generation products, ensure they’re reliable and safe, and deploy them at scale.

We're looking for a computer vision expert to build core technology around object recognition, feature detection and tracking, and machine learning.

As a computer vision R&D engineer, you will work with the computer vision team to develop and implement effective and efficient algorithms for:
  • Feature Detection
  • Feature Tracking
  • Lane Tracking
  • Detection & recognition of dynamic and static objects
Dynamic objects include other cars on the road, motorcycles, bicyclists, pedestrians, and generic obstacles. Static objects include: road signs (exit signs, speed limits, etc.), construction zones/markers, road flares, medians, and curbs. Core technology development will center around improving the robustness of our vision systems to changes in lighting conditions or shadows, and training and evaluation various machine learning methods for use in object detection. You will also work closely with the localization and mapping team to integrate new image feature detectors for use in real-time localization.

Bonus points for experience with structure from motion (SfM), stereo vision processing and/or multi view reconstruction, OpenCV, ROS, CUDA.

Perks include working on challenging problems that have real-world applications, a competitive salary & equity, and of course, rides in self-driving cars!

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