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Title: Computer Vision EngineerPosted: November 5, 2015
Company/Institution: Anteleon Imaging
Location: Geneva, Switzerland


Since few years we provide software on mobile platforms that does real-time video analysis including features, tracking, recognition, precise registration, reconstruction, classification and search in databases. In industry our solutions are used for brand protection, traceability and digital marketing.

We are looking for a computer vision engineer(s) to join the team performing following tasks: - design computer vision algorithms that works in broad real-life conditions privileging very robust and fast solutions; - evaluate performance of existing and new computer vision algorithms in specific conditions; - actively participate in implementation of optimized versions of algorithms and test them according to designed protocols; - beside mainstream projects explore new computer vision applications for feasibility studies

A candidate must have : - objective attitude towards algorithms performances and their memory/speed footprints; - several years of experience in computer vision with preference for fields mentioned above; - be motivated to work in a dynamic environment and sense of responsibility toward deadlines;

Administratively, you will be located in Geneva, Switzerland (remote work is tolerated for few months). Salary is above 8keuro/month depending on experience. Job can start as soon as we reach an agreement.

Application Instructions: Please write to