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Title: 4 Fully-funded PhD. Positions in Computer Vision for Autonomous DrivingPosted: December 14, 2015
Company/Institution: Eindhoven University of Technology
Location: Eindhoven, The Netherlads
Department: Electrical Engineering

The computer vision lab of Technical University Eindhoven is looking for four PhD. candidates on the topic of computer vision for autonomous driving. Specifically, on the topics of 1) real-time deep convolutional neural networks, and 2) large-scale and distributed visual-SLAM. The research projects are fully funded by the European H2020 program and by the Netherland's Technology and Science Foundation. All projects are in cooperation with outstanding international partners from academia and from industry.

Project information:
- 4 years fully-funded.
- Starting early 2016 and ending early 2020.
- Location Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
In the research line of large-scale and distributed visual-SLAM, we aim for scalable fully-automated map creation and updating technologies on basis of crowdsourced vision data. This research line has two parts 1) geometric map creation to support accurate vehicle localization, and 2) semantic map creation to support safe driving. For the latter, we will research off-line deep learning techniques. In the research line of real-time deep convolutional neural networks, the aim is to research techniques that allow deep convolutional neural networks to be used in real-time for multi-class object detection. The obtained techniques will allow an autonomous vehicle to construct a local semantic map of its surroundings. Besides fundamental research, strong emphasis will be on getting the technologies working robustly in real-world environments and conditions.

Research group information:
The team that you will be part of is led by Dr. Gijs Dubbelman and is part of the SPS/VCA research group. The SPS/VCA research group is focused on all domains of computer vision, ranging from medical image analysis, to surveillance, and intelligent vehicles. Dr. Gijs Dubbelman is heading the Intelligent Vehicles team, which is a new and fast growing team that started in 2014. The Intelligent Vehicles team successfully targets robotics, ITS, and computer vision conferences and journals, like ICRA, IROS, ITSC, T-RO. The SPS/VCA group is headed by Prof. dr. ir. Peter de With, which will be your PhD. promotor. Furthermore, The Eindhoven region, ICF's 2011 smartest region in the world, offers a very exciting high-tech environment and houses many international companies, like NXP, ASML, Philips, TomTom, DAF trucks, and many others.

- Good English speaking and writing skills.
- Good programming skills in either Matlab or c/c++ (preferably both).
- Background in computer vision or related fields of computer science.
- Preferably experience with Linux, OpenCV, Caffe, etc.
- Good team working skills and pro-active working attitude.
- A MSc. degree in computer science or a related field.

- Gross salary starting at 2174 Euro in the first year to 2779 Euro in the last year (tax depends on your country of origin and is in the range of 15% to 30%).
- pension, unemployment benefit, sick leave benefit.

Application Instructions:
Send an email to containing:
- A motivation letter in pdf.
- A detailed CV in pdf, including grades.
- Your MSc. thesis report or recent scientific paper in pdf.