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Title: Face Recognition Specialist, Applied to Humanitarian CausesPosted: January 8, 2016
Company/Institution: Bashpole Software, Inc
Location: Telecommute Position

Description: Full-time remote employment position; not open to consultants
Company headquartered in Indiana

Your Goal:
This isn’t just a job! You will assist the missions of dozens of non-profits whose causes span helping the elderly through fighting human trafficking — through information extraction and general programming.

The Company:
Our goal is to build scalable software on a back-end of machine learning, image processing, and database integration with a front-end designed for non-expert users to help them with data cleaning, information extraction, and marketing. We generally do not perform development-for-hire. Instead, we are building the Updentity platform to be used by our cause-oriented clientele, both nonprofit and select for-profit organizations.

The Role:
Face Recognition Specialist
You will perform a wide variety of programming tasks, ranging from algorithm development to integration to front-end development, though with a focus on back-end development. Your development will include utilizing computer vision, machine vision, and/or image recognition. We will meet by Skype on a weekly basis to establish priorities and refine a backlog. Almost everyone on the team will use the results of your work, as well as our customers, in a variety of ways. We require diverse technical capabilities and a creative mindset that can solve problems with minimal guidance.

- Expand the capabilities of our Data Grabber with automatable image processing solutions including text categorization, domain classification, entity extraction and linkage, event detection, and text preprocessing
- Develop test data sets and automated tests that keep track of performance metrics
- Integrate third-party software and data sources as much as possible — avoid “rolling our own”
- Perform general programming tasks as needed everywhere throughout our code stack
- Innovate, share, and educate team members and community

- Curiosity and a sense of humor; ability to withstand occasional puns and obscure movie references
- Experience in machine learning, face and object recognition, information retrieval, database integration, and use of design patterns for making clean software layers
- Expert knowledge in at least one of the following areas:
- Topic modeling, clustering and classification
- Techniques for identifying which elements of an image are relevant
- Techniques recognition faces and objects from one scene as the same in another scene
- Tool and library experience such as
- Big Data platforms like Hadoop/Mahout, Spark/MLlib
- Amazon Web Services
- Strong Java and PHP skills
- Experience with Linux/Unix scripting
- Be willing and able to serve all constituencies without bias, including, without limitation, bias based on race, religion, sexual orientation, handicap, or national origin

- Company Culture & Benefits -
- Telecommuting and flextime options
- Encouraging and self-directed work environment
- Support for medical coverage
- Optional 401(k) participation
- Ability to go to sleep each night knowing you make the world a better place

Application Instructions: Write to with your resume and short descriptions of you qualifications for each bullet under the Requirements section. Resumes sent without this information will not be considered.