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Title: 2 years post-doc position in France: Computer Vision and Augmented Reality for Minimally Invasive Liver SurgeryPosted: April 7, 2016
Company/Institution: Universite d'Auvergne, ALCoV/ISIT
Location: Clermont-Ferrand, France

Description: Context: Today most patients with liver cancer are treated through traditional open liver surgery, which involves high risk of serious post-operative complications. Evolving open liver surgery to a minimally invasive liver surgery (laparoscopy) is the key for fast patient recovery. In laparoscopy, resection is performed by a camera and surgical tools that are inserted into the patient's body through a few small holes. However, this minimally invasive surgery challenges surgeons to see the vascular structures, to find the hidden tumors and to navigate on and inside the liver. We can relieve the task of surgeons by building a patient specific physics-based 3D liver model with the hidden vascular system, tumors, etc., using the pre-operative MRI scan images. In MRI scan images these structures are clearly visible and segmented weeks before the surgery by a radiologist. Once this physics-based 3D liver model is available, then the surgeons can animate (translate, rotate, scale, deform) it during the surgery such that the model fits onto the real liver of the patient seen from the laparoscope (camera) in a fixed pose. In this way surgeons will be able to see the hidden reality inside of the liver. Such a guidance system is called augmented reality (AR). Post-doc position: The post-doc will be supervised by Adrien Bartoli, Erol Ozgur and by surgeons Emmanuel Buc and Bertrand Le Roy from the local hospital. The position is a one year contract and is renewable to the second year. Your job: To propose new computer vision and augmented reality methods within the context given above for the minimally invasive liver surgery and to develop a software to transfer these scientific results directly to the operating room for guiding the surgeons. Top level publications will be expected in computer vision, medical imaging and hepatic surgery conferences and journals. Your skills: You should have a good background in programming, mathematics (modeling, optimization) and computer vision. You should also have a good written and oral communication skills in English. Location: The post-doc position is available within the Advanced Laparoscopy and Computer Vision (ALCoV) group of the Image Science for Interventional Techniques (ISIT) lab at Université d'Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Application Instructions: To apply please follow the instructions below: 1) You should prepare only one single PDF document and it should contain your CV, motivation letter and the contact information for two referees. 2) This PDF should be sent by e-mail and the e-mail subject line should be "Liver-Post-Doc-Application". 3) You should send this PDF to Adrien Bartoli at and to Erol Ozgur at Applications will be reviewed immediately until the position is filled.