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Title: Postdoctoral Researcher in Computer Vision and Signal ProcessingPosted: April 9, 2016
Company/Institution: Aalto University
Location: Finland
Department: Department of Computer Science


Aalto University School of Science (Helsinki, Finland) invites applications for a Postdoctoral Researcher in Computer Vision and Signal Processing.

The research carried out in the position will be part of a project which aims at developing methods to facilitate crowd-sourced mapping of indoor environments by utilizing various smartphone sensors, such as cameras and inertial sensors. The project is funded by the Academy of Finland and led by Professors Juho Kannala and Simo Särkkä. Research themes studied in the project are related to following topics: (a) visual simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), (b) visual-inertial odometry, (c) structure-from-motion and image-based 3D modeling, (d) image-based localization, and (e) Bayesian filtering for location estimation and tracking.

Ideal candidate will have a solid mathematical background, good programming skills and a strong academic publication record. Previous experience in the aforementioned topics is beneficial.

For full consideration, apply by 30 April 2016. For further information and the electronic application form, please visit

Application Instructions:

Include your CV, list of publications, brief research statement, transcript of the doctoral studies, and names and contact information of two senior academics willing to give more information. Submit your application online at