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Title: 2 Postdoc positions at PAVIS - EU project RENVISIONPosted: June 20, 2013
Company/Institution: Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT)
Location: Italy
Department: PAVIS (Pattern Analysis and Computer Vision)

Description: The PAVIS department at Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia - IIT ( is looking for highly qualified researchers in the field of Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Image Analysis and Machine Learning. The main mission of PAVIS is to design and develop innovative video surveillance systems, characterized by the use of highly-functional smart sensors and advanced video analytics features. PAVIS has also an active role in supporting the research facilities in IIT providing solutions to life-scientists in Neuroscience, Drug Discovery and Development and Nanophysics. To this end, the group is involved in activities concerning computer vision and pattern recognition, machine learning, multimodal data analysis and sensor fusion, sensors networks, and embedded computer vision systems. The lab will pursue this goal by working collaboratively and in cooperation with external private and public partners. These research positions are part of the EU project RENVISION (Retina-inspired ENcoding for advanced VISION tasks) awarded within the initiative of Future Emerging Technologies: Neuro-Bio-Inspired Systems (NBIS). The project is highly interdisciplinary, including neuroengineering, electrophysiology, high-resolution microscopy imaging, computational modelling, data analysis, machine learning and computer vision. The candidate will design novel methodologies and algorithms based on pattern recognition and machine learning techniques, aiming at analysing electrophysiological recordings in response to visual stimulation of retina. The scope of the research will be related to the discovery/determination of representative and/or discriminative features in retina coding allowing for high-level vision tasks, such as scene categorization and action recognition. A further aim of the project is the reconstruction of the 3D structure of neuronal connectivity between amacrine and ganglion cells from microscopy 3D imaging data of lower retinal layers. The ideal candidate will have a PhD in Computer Science, Mathematics, Electronic Engineering or a closely-related discipline, with competences on machine learning/pattern recognition/computer vision, coupled with a keen interest in neuroscience and biological data processing and analysis. Expertise on compressive sensing, deep learning and/or dictionary learning is in general preferred. Experience on spiking networks or retinal function will be appreciated while not being a discriminating factor. Strong programming skill is required.

Application Instructions: Further details and informal enquires can be made by email to The salary will be commensurate to qualification and experience and in line to that of the research institutes in the rest of Europe. Completed application forms along with a curriculum listing all publications, a pdf of your most representative publications and a research statement describing your previous research experience and outlining its relevance to these topics should be sent by email to by July 20, 2013; indicating the budget code: 68371/68372. Please also include three independent references in your CV or email.