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Title: Lead R&D Engineer - Computer Vision (Paris, France)Posted: June 22, 2016
Company/Institution: Fitle
Location: Paris, France
Department: R&D

Description: We are working on a very exciting project and we are looking for smart and passionate people to get on board!

We are a team of 15 people, mainly engineers (Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole Centrale) and doctors (INRIA, Lyon I) and we are working on an innovative project that is going to revolutionize the way we shop for clothes online. Fitle is the first smartshopping platform where you will be able to virtually try clothes before buying them, thanks to 3D.

The idea can be explained in 3 steps:
1. We have developed a technology that enables us to digitize automatically all the clothes from our partner brands in 3D. Thanks to this, we will have the biggest 3D clothes database in the world.
2. We are also working on an algorithm that enables us to digitize automatically the users thanks to a few photos and their height.
3. With the clothes database and the users’ avatars, we offer a new and customized shopping experience (only clothes to the users’ sizes and based on their styles) and the possibility to try clothes on your avatar before buying them.
Fitle goes far deeper than everything that has been done before within the competition. We have the assets to be the leader on this constantly growing market.

The position

We are looking for a Research and Development Leader to help managing projects and improving our 3D model reconstruction/estimation from images. This is a full-time position working with the rest of the team located in Paris, France.

The required educational background and experience:

- PhD in Image processing, Computer vision or a related field (or 5+ years of R&D experience in the field)
- 3D reconstruction or shape estimation from multiple images
- Understanding of multi-view geometry
- Computational geometry
- Highly skilled in C++
- Excellent communication skills

It would also be great if you have experience in a few of the following:

- Managing teams and/or projects
- Working for a private company (not just academia)
- Learning-based techniques for shape estimation
- Writing your own solvers
- Writing your own rendering engine
- Developping physical simulation engines (cloth simulation a big plus)
- Applying deep learning to image-based problems
- Applying sensor fusion to 3D reconstruction
- Using OpenCV, OpenGL, Eigen

Application Instructions: send email to