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Title: Computer Vision Researcher Post-DocPosted: July 5, 2016
Company/Institution: Iris Automation
Location: Vancouver - Canada
Department: R&D

Description: Iris Automation is developing collision avoidance systems for industrial drones. This is huge because the industrial drone market is growing 100%+ year over year -- and drones having the ability to fly safely beyond the line of sight is key to the growth of that sector. Our approach to building the technology is unique compared to competition with a huge focus on computer vision to produce 3D reconstruction of the environment and using deep learning and machine learning to do dynamic tracking (i.e. balloons, birds, aircraft, etc).
The team currently has PhDs in computer vision, and has backgrounds at NASA and Boeing.
Read more about our company at TechCrunch

The core of our system is the computer vision algorithms that allow drones to understand the world around them. You’ll work as part of the computer vision R&D team to research and implement these algorithms that form the backbone of the Iris system! We’re looking for people who bring together an understanding of the relevant theory, solid software skills, and an ability to drive through to working solutions, and implement the algorithms that run on every drone powered by Iris Automation.

How You'll Make an Impact
– Design and implement real-time estimation, mapping, tracking, classification, and detection algorithms
– Imagine and then implement new features that unlock magic for our users
– Characterize and quantify the performance of the vision system
– Research and prototype new approaches

Useful Skills
– More important than specific domain experience is an ability to make the math, the algorithms, and the code all line up and work well on real world problems
– Hands-on experience with visual odometry, mapping and SLAM
– Proficiency with probabilistic inference and 3d geometry
– Optimization for computationally constrained environments
– Deep Learning – training data, neural networks, online learning
– Solid software engineering foundation and a commitment to writing clean, well architected code
– Past experience with mobile robotics
– High proficiency in C++
– Ability to thrive in a fast paced, collaborative, small team environment

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