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Title: Senior Engineer Computer Vision- Realtime Markerless Motion CapturePosted: September 6, 2016
Company/Institution: Reflexion Health
Location: San Diego, CA
Department: Engineering


Have you been excited by the field of Markerless Motion Capture and...

  • Developed your own code for a Realtime Full Body Skeleton starting from a Depth Map?

  • Developed your own code for Realtime Body Segmentation?

  • Developed your own code for Realtime Depth Map creation using Stereoscopic Vision Technics?

Are You...

  • An Expert Software Engineer who has worked professionally in the field of Markerless Motion Capture?

  • An Expert at Computer Vision and Image Processing with experience in Human Biomechanics?

  • Highly motivated and passionate to work on a project that will help change people’s lives?

  • Looking for a funded startup company where you can make a huge impact on the outcome of the project?

What You’ll Do...

  • Architect and Develop Realtime code to construct a Human Skeleton from an arbitrary Depth Map.

  • Develop Realtime code to Create a Depth Map from RGB cameras using Stereoscopic Vision technics.

  • Bring your ideas and experience to a setting where they can quickly make a difference.

  • Be quickly recognized and rewarded for your technical excellence/leadership.

  • Work with our high-energy multidiscipline team to drive solutions that make healthcare more accessible, more affordable, and more convenient for patients.

What You've Done...

  • Experience with Kinect, Binocular Vision and other Realtime Markerless image based whole body Motion Capture

  • Expert in Computer Vision, Machine Learning/Pattern Recognition, and 3D Matrix Math

  • 5+ years experience programming C++/C# or be better than those that do…

  • Multitasking ability to drive critical issues simultaneously

  • Extraordinarily strong communication, organization and problem solving skills

  • Ability to work independently, as well as in leading teams towards timely completion of a variety of assignments.

Bonus Points For...

  • Experience using Motion Capture for Analyzing Human Biomechanics.

  • MS/PhD in Computer Vision

Exceptional References Required

Application Instructions: Send CV and LinkedIn profile to