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Title: 2 x Deep Learning Research EngineersPosted: October 11, 2016
Company/Institution: State-of-the Art Performing Start-Up
Location: London

Description: I have the privilege of representing one of the most disruptive and exciting start-ups out there today. My exciting client have some of the brightest minds in Deep Learning R&D, Tech and Business within the firm and they’re looking to make some aggressive inroads into the hiring market. This firm are already generating 7-figure revenues before even reaching Series A funding, which is unheard of (to the best of my knowledge). Their products are flexible enough that they can tailor them to suit different tasks/markets. Similar to deep learning as a whole, the potential application of their research is without limits. The initial investors in the company include some of the most well-renowned, global leading individuals in Machine Learning/Tech. This means they are able to receive counsel (when needed) from some of the most well respected people in the industry. I take it that if some of the most well reputed people in Machine Learning R&D are willing to invest their time and money into my client, then this firm must be on to something special. My client is flexible around skill-sets, but, some key themes that they look for are: • Excellent Machine Learning and/or Deep Learning Research skills • Ideally educated at a top tier university • Strong Engineering skills. • People that are motivated to work in a start-up environment and that want to build something special • Good publication history is highly desired (NIPS, ICML, CVPR…)

Application Instructions: If you would be interested in developing state-of-the-art algos, joining a firm at the start of a very steep growth curve, working with super smart people, publishing research, attending top conferences and getting paid above (start-up) market-rate compensation packages with generous equity portions then I implore you to enquire for further detail through myself, Sammy Khelil: