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Title: 2 PhD Studentships for EU students (3-years each)Posted: June 27, 2013
Company/Institution: University College London (UCL)
Location: London, UK
Department: Computer Science


UCL Vision/Graphics: Smart Capture + Video Based Rendering

Our new EU-funded project explores the research challenges of bringing Image/Video Based Rendering (IBR/VBR) into common use for content creation, especially for game developers. Although limited to European Union applicants (sorry to everyone else), this is an amazing opportunity to do your PhD on fun, hard, and direct-impact research problems. Whether you are a gamer or not, you will enjoy being able to work on projects that push forward machine learning / vision / graphics, and make beautiful-looking results (in part, by capturing data in beautiful places).

Larger Project: Capture-Reconstruct-Play
Academic project partners include University College London (UCL), INRIA Sophia-Antipolis, TU-Darmstadt, and University of Patras. Industrial partners include several gaming companies and incubators. The project and the studentships should start around October 2013.

At UCL, one PhD student will be based in Gabriel Brostow's group, and one in Jan Kautz's. While the research areas overlap and the two PhDs are expected to work with each other and the larger cohort of vision + graphics researchers here, we have some specific topics where innovation is needed:
- Capturing normals
- Semantic texture synthesis
- Video-texture synthesis
- Active Learning
- Video matting
- Video inpainting

Programming experience desired: high proficiency in one or more of Matlab / C++ / Python

Exposure to some of the following areas is a plus:
- 3D Acquisition
- Camera Calibration
- Machine Learning
- Texture Synthesis
- Content Creation / Visual Effects
- User Interface Development (e.g. Qt)

About us: UCL is in central London, and is one of the top 3 groups for Vision/Graphics/Learning in Europe. Our people are fun and productive. Enough said :)

Application Instructions: You'll need to submit an online application here as soon as possible: but you should also email myself (Gabriel Brostow) and/or Jan Kautz so we know to look out for your application (and please use the text "smartCRP" in the Subject line). We only see the online applications after all your letters of recommendation etc. have arrived; we'll obviously prompt the CS Admission Panel to assess each batch of good applications that we're aware of. Good applicants in the past have had an MSc project in a related area, evidence of being productive in some detail-oriented domain, appetite for scholarly reading/writing, and enormous drive. If you're reading this, you're probably pretty smart/ambitious, but for a PhD, you also need to be enthusiastic, creative, and *very* persistent. Again, it pains me enormously that even great candidates from non-EU countries CAN NOT be considered for these funded studentships (but you are of course welcome to apply to the PhD program in general).