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Title: Architect for Optimization of Large-Scale 3D Models Road Database BackendPosted: October 7, 2016
Company/Institution: Continental AG
Location: Munich
Department: ITS

Description: Continental is developing new technologies and products towards autonomous driving, providing more accurate information about road conditions, threats, and traffic to vehicles using swarm capabilities. As an Architect for Optimization of Large-Scale 3D Models you will be designing and implementing novel backend algorithms for 3D reconstruction to tackle a highly complex problem which requires long-term research efforts. DESIRED EXPERIENCE: Technical degree (Master, PhD) in computer science, Excellent skills with respect to 3D reconstruction algorithms (non-rigid ICP, loop closure, curve fitting, SLAM etc.), Excellent skills with respect to (graph-) optimization techniques (convex, non-convex) and probabilistic models (e.g. Markov Random Fields, Particle Filters, etc.), Excellent algorithm skills (e.g. run time complexity), Excellent programming skills (C/C++/python, design patterns), 3 to 5 years of experience working on complex algorithms, An open mind and excellent communication skills

Application Instructions: Please send written applications to Dr. Henning Hamer will be at ECCV. If you feel qualified and would like to meet, please write an eMail to