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Title: 4 Postdocs + 1 PhD in Vision/GraphicsPosted: July 11, 2013
Company/Institution: University of Bath
Location: Bath UK
Department: Computer Science


Bath Vision/Graphics: Outdoor Asset Capture

The OAC project (Outdoor Asset Capture) aims to acquire outdoor assets at a range of scales from millimetres to kilometres. This will include details (moss, bark), complex dynamic phenomena (trees, fire, smoke), buildings and street furniture, and large scale landscapes. Modelling will be interactive with the user, and controllable after capture to provide techiques that are highly relevant to the creative industries.

The project is a collaborative effort between UCL (Tim Weyrich, Gabriel Brostow) and Bath (Peter Hall, Matt Brown, Darren Cosker, Phil Willis, Brian Wyvil). In total 6 postdoctoral positions and 1 PhD position are available. 2 of these are at UCL (Landscapes, Smart Capture). 4 positions are available at the University of Bath as follows:

Visual Understanding of Dynamic Scenes Brown

Aims to provide detailed and accurate recognition and segmentation of static and dynamic objects in video (Computer Vision/Machine Learning):

Acquisition of Natural Phenomena Hall

Aims to extract and learn characteristic properties of real natural phenomena from video (Vision/Learning):

Acquisition of Urban Assets Cosker

Aims at extracting and learning characteristic properties of urban assets from video and images (Vision/Learning/Graphics):

System Integration Willis, Wyvil

Graphic System Integration of algorithms and software from across the project (Graphics/Software Engineering):

There is also a PhD vacancy at Bath, supervised by Dr Peter Hall.

For further details including application process please see the project webpage:

Application Instructions: