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Title: Research Engineers (multiple openings / levels)Posted: October 12, 2016
Company/Institution: HERE
Location: Boulder
Department: Highly Automated Driving


Join a team of highly skilled and innovative engineers to work on leading-edge mapping technology for Highly Autonomous Driving (HAD) systems. HERE is an established company with decades of experience in delivering maps for the automotive industry and other commercial partners. As of December 2015, we are owned by a consortium of Audi, BMW, and Daimler, with a focus on creating and maintaining the world's most precise and detailed digital maps for enabling self-driving cars. Join us in helping make Automated Driving a reality. This is an excellent opportunity to work with an energetic and dedicated team on highly visible, technology-driven problems with a direct connection to the success of the company.

We are opening a new R&D office in the Boulder Colorado area. We are staffing for several positions relating to algorithm development, machine learning / deep learning, and software development and deployment for both cloud and in-vehicle platforms. The Boulder office will be focusing on sensing and perception to enable consumer-owned vehicles to participate in automatic map maintenance ("real-time mapping" or "swarm mapping") and for providing scene understanding for assisted-driving applications. We will be interacting with our colleagues in Berkeley and Chicago. Occasional / light travel may be required.

A Research Engineer is dedicated to applying knowledge and expertise to bring about practical / useful solutions to challenges related to our mission. That involves staying up-to-date on the latest publications and research results in the field, knowing when to apply existing technology versus inventing new approaches, being able to quantify the value of a particular approach, and to develop the software prototypes and processes required to implement the solution. Research Engineers work hand-in-hand with Software Engineers to develop robust and performant implementations, and to ensure that appropriate metrics are being used to validate implementations. We are looking for people who remain learners throughout their career, and whose inquisitiveness and love of technology will propel our products forward.

In particular, we are looking for people that will contribute to some of the following areas. We are hiring for several positions. Internships are available for select high-performing students.

  • Deep Learning (especially as applied to images and videos), including ConvNets, Recurrent Networks
  • Computer Vision topics: Semantic segmentation, object detection and classification, object tracking, stereo and 3D imaging, sensor fusion and alignment (such as lidar with imagery), structure from motion
  • Localization, SLAM, visual odometry, landmark learning and encoding, and related topics
  • Performance optimization of deep nets using techniques such as pruning, quantization, weight hashing, reduced precision, etc.


  • PhD in computer science or related discipline.
  • Expertise in a relevant research area, evidenced by publications, patents, or industry R&D.
  • Ability to prototype solutions using open source technologies (Python, Linux, etc.), with well-documented clean code.
  • Strong drive to create reproducible work following best-practices relating to source code control, data retention, and end-to-end automation.


  • Experience scaling-out machine learning automation using AWS or other clouds.
  • You've made some of your academic or other work public on GitHub, SourceForge, etc.
  • You've created virtual machines, AMIs, or Docker containers to distribute your work to others.

Application Instructions:

Application Instructions:

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