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Title: PhD position in multi-modal image processingPosted: October 28, 2013
Company/Institution: Technology Research Institute b<>com
Location: Brest, France

Description: It is increasingly common to combine multiple methods of treatment, i.e., treatment modalities, with the intention to improve patient outcomes and reduce complications. Each treatment modality may consist of (1) multiple images acquired by one or more modalities (e.g. PET and CT) and (2) contextual information (e.g. clinical reports). To improve patient outcome, one approach is to unify the imaging information and the context information so that the therapy planning, therapy guidance and post-treatment evaluation are simplified. In practice, whereas Picture Archive and Communication Systems (PACS), employed in hospital, store multi-modal images and contextual information, simultaneous re-use of both information cannot be done in a simple fashion.

This Ph.D. will focus on the integration of multi-modal imaging information accrued by contextual information extracted from a PACS.

A first problem to address is the analysis of multi-modal images (e.g., PET/CT). This analysis requires, for example, image processing (image quality improvement or image artifact reduction) followed by image analysis (segmentation or biomarker extraction). A second problem to investigate is the association of quantitative parameters extracted from multi-modal images with other contextual information. This also involves the automatic generation of clinical reports both associating results of multi-parameter image analysis and contextual information, with the goal of assisting physicians with clinical decisions. It is intended that this Ph.D. will lead to a Clinical Decision Support System demonstrator dedicated to a specific context/pathology (e.g. oncology or neurology).

The PhD fellowship is funded by b<>com ( which is a Technology Research Institute located in Brest, Rennes and Lannion (France). This Ph.D thesis will be carried out under the supervision of M. Hatt (research associate, INSERM) and G. Coatrieux, Assistant Professor (Telecom Bretagne) and located at b<>com on the Brest-Iroise Science and Technology Park.

Application Instructions: Expected qualifications: - Minimum MSc degree (Computer Science) - Experience in developing medical imaging applications is desirable - Prior experience in image analysis, pattern recognition and computer vision - Programming experience in C++ Contact: Please send your resume to