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Title: Summer Internship @eBay Research Labs for PhD StudentsPosted: November 20, 2013
Company/Institution: eBay, Inc.
Location: San Jose, CA
Department: Vision Team @ eBay Research labs


The Vision group at eBay Research Lab (eRL) is seeking a few highly qualified Ph.D candidates for exciting summer internship positions in the area of Computer Vision. eBay hosts one of the largest labeled image inventories on the web, and offers several exciting opportunities in emerging areas of vision research. We actively pursue ideas that result in scalable vision algorithms, while leveraging the scale of labeled image data and world class compute infrastructure that eBay offers. The internship is tailored to help you select a contemporary research problem that is of interest to eBay and work towards results that are publishable in top tier vision conferences.

Areas We Work On:
  • Large Scale Visual Search/Detection/Recognition
  • Fine Grained Classification
  • Attribute Discovery and Localization
  • Weakly Supervised Learning
  • Indoor Scene Understanding from RGB-D
  • Deep Learning
  • Semantic Segmentation
  • Human Parsing
  • Video Processing
  • 3D Vision
  • OCR
Basic Qualifications:
  • Currently enrolled in a PhD program in Computer Science or related disciplines
  • Strong background in algorithms, low level vision, applied machine learning, and 3D vision
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Strong publication history in top-tier vision conferences
  • Proficient in C/C++, Python, MATLAB and OpenCV/CUDA SDKs
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Good to have working knowledge of Hadoop, OpenGL and OpenNI but not necessary

Application Instructions:

Keen on spending a summer in the San Francisco Bay Area (with highly competitive benefits) to explore new problems that you could possibly introduce to the vision research community, while working with distributed computing infrastructures and GPU clusters at eBay?

Send us your resume through or email to We would love to hear from you. Since internships are offered on a rolling basis, the sooner we receive your resume, the higher is the chance of us working together.