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Title: Research Positions in Computer Vision and Machine Learning
Posted: February 21, 2015
Company/Institution: NEC Labs America
Location: Cupertino, CA
Department: Media Analytics

The Media Analytics Department of NEC Labs America in Cupertino (CA) is seeking outstanding researchers with backgrounds in computer vision and machine learning. Candidates must possess an exceptional track record of original research and passion to create high impact products. Our researchers are expected to establish leadership in the research community and maintain active collaborations with leading universities worldwide.

The Media Analytics group provides a vibrant research environment that has produced very strong research results. For example, a paper from our group (by Dr. Manmohan Chandraker) won the Best Paper Award at CVPR in 2014; our monocular SFM, object detection and object tracking approaches are currently the top performers on KITTI benchmark dataset. The Media Analytics group always strives for excellence, producing top-notch research with strong aim to develop the core technologies for the industry in the decade to come.

Application Instructions: To apply, please go to and click "Apply Now".