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Title: Computer Vision Research ScientistPosted: November 7, 2016
Company/Institution: FeatureX
Location: Cambridge, MA



As a computer vision research scientist you will be responsible for the application of machine vision techniques and software, such as convolutional neural networks, to recognize features in high-resolution satellite imagery. Equally important, you will move beyond what is possible to do with off-the-shelf technology, and innovate.


A successful candidate will have some or all of the following attributes:
  • MS or PhD degree in computer science, or significant equivalent experience.
  • Deep knowledge and experience with convolutional neural networks and libraries such as Theano or Caffe.
  • A solid understanding of statistical machine learning techniques. A demonstrated aptitude to be clever and resourceful. You will be finding patterns in images that no one has attempted before - creativity is a must.
  • Experience with satellite images or drone imagery.
  • Solid programming skills.

Application Instructions: Apply online!