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Title: Scientific Software Developer - Image AnalysisPosted: December 20, 2013
Company/Institution: Janelia Farm Research Campus
Location: Ashburn, VA

Description: Ilastik ( is a collaborative open-source project with the aim of providing a scalable image analysis platform for the neurosciences and beyond. Current ilastik development seeks to bring the power of interactive machine learning to very large data sets.
Janelia Farm (, one of the premier centers for the neurosciences and biomedical research worldwide, is funding a Scientific Software Developer to reach that goal. Specifically, the goal is to implement in ilastik a pipeline for the analysis of Calcium imaging data, a modality that allows biologists to study the functionality of neural circuits with unprecedented resolution in space and time. This new imaging modality is evolving rapidly and is changing how research into the brain is conducted. Practical challenges include the processing of large (multi-terabyte) data sets with advancing resolution in space, time and energy. Practical tasks include the integration or reimplementation of advanced machine learning and image analysis algorithms; the integration with existing tools; and the implementation of a graphical user interface for exploratory analysis of results as well as targeted image proof-reading. The software developer will be guided by a senior core developer residing at Janelia Farm, and will interact with scientists and other core developers at the University of Heidelberg.
The position requires
  • a strong background in either C++ or Python
  • experience in developing user interfaces
  • experience in software engineering applied to large projects
  • familiarity with modern design patterns
  • the skills to integrate existing algorithms and functionality into a unifying biomedical image processing framework.
Experience with C++/Python interoperation, Qt, numpy, and scientific parallel programming is a plus. Good communication skills are essential to ensure effective cooperation with local experts and other programmers working remotely.
Salary is commensurate with prior experience and will be competitive for well-matched candidates. The position will be located on the beautiful campus of Janelia Farm. The successful candidate will be in a position to help shape a project that is becoming an enabling technology in one of the most interesting fields conceivable: the deciphering of the inner workings of the brain.

Application Instructions: Please send full details to Fred Hamprecht, Ullrich Koethe and Stuart Berg at bergs[AT] and attach or link to a representative code sample demonstrating your skill.