PamiTC Job Board - Posting Details

Title: Postdoc positions in Machine learning and Computer VisionPosted: January 30, 2017
Company/Institution: The Institute of Cancer Research, London
Location: London

Description: I am seeking motivated researchers and students to join my lab, computational pathology at the ICR, as postdocs or summer internship students. These are exciting opportunities to apply and further develop skills and experience in image analysis, statistics and bioinformatics for cancer research. Please see for the details of individual positions. My lab develops multidisciplinary approaches to study cancer from a novel perspective: as evolving ecosystems. High-throughput image analysis of pathological samples, machine learning and statistics enable us to map how different cancers grow and spread amidst healthy tissue with unprecedented detail. Combined with these technological advances, ecological principles will then help us understand why cancer is so difficult to treat

Application Instructions: Please see for the details of individual positions.