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Title: Visual SLAM and LocalizationPosted: January 31, 2017
Company/Institution: Honda Research Institute USA
Location: Mountain View, CA

Description: Honda Research Institute USA (HRI-US) is offering summer research internships in the area of Visual SLAM and Localization (Job number: P16INT-08).
The candidate's responsibilities include: designing novel algorithms that enable robust visual localization/SLAM under challenging situations (e.g. varying lighting conditions), data processing from camera, IMU, LiDAR and other sensors, development of the software, and time permitting, implementation on the vehicle and evaluation the real-time performance of the developed technologies. Publication of research output is highly encouraged.

  • Strong knowledge in Robotics, Computer Vision and Machine Learning
  • Research experience in Visual localization or SLAM
  • Excellent programming skills in C++ and python/MATLAB under Linux
  • Publication record in top venues (ICRA/RSS/ICCV/CVPR, etc)
  • Research experience in Visual Inertial Navigation or Deep Learning is a plus
HRI-US internship program is designed to give students hands-on experience in developing new research ideas. Each intern works with HRI-US researchers and is expected to generate prototypes and scientific publications as a result of the internship.
Located in the Bay Area, HRI-US pays interns competitive salaries and provides for a comfortable yet competitive research environment with regular opportunities for learning. Interns from outside of the local area are eligible for relocation stipend.

Application Instructions: Please send an email to with the following:
  • Subject line including the job number P16INT-08
  • Recent CV
Candidates must have the legal right to work in the U.S.A.
Please do NOT send emails to job posters.