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Title: Deep Learning Researchers / Research EngineersPosted: March 9, 2017
Company/Institution: Disruptive Start-Up – Generating 7-Figure Revenues
Location: London

Description: This exciting firm has developed a number of state-of-the-art algos that have the potential to be applied into solving a vast array of real-world problems. Despite being an early-stage start-up, they have already begun working with clients of their own, they have signed several contracts in recent months (one is in the 7-figure bracket). They also received 8-figure level investment in their seeding rounds. Some other points: • They will soon be able announce some exciting West Coast VC partnerships for their Series A funding. • One of the world’s most revered Machine Learning Professors is an early stage investor in the firm. He interacts with my client weekly in his capacity as a Scientific Advisor. • The COO sold his own start-up to Ali Baba for a fee in excess of $1bn last year. Yet still, he joined this firm in a full-time role as he believes in their vision & product. • They are in the process of opening up an office in the US. • They encourage publishing research & attending the world’s leading conferences. • Current staff have PhDs/MSc from Oxford (VGG), Cambridge, Imperial, UCL (Gatsby), Kings etc… Due to their successes so far, they are able to pay salary packages above start-up market rate in London. They look for excellent Researchers/Engineers from Deep Learning, Machine Learning or Computer Vision. They have a strong interest in people with stellar academic backgrounds & Researchers will ideally have publications at leading conferences (ICML, NIPS, CVPR, ICLR…).

Application Instructions: If you would like to find out more detail on this inspiring company, please apply with a CV to this advert or to my email –