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Title: Video Dressing Virtual Actors: Modelling Cloth and Clothing from VideoPosted: June 24, 2017
Company/Institution: University of Bath
Location: Bath, UK
Department: Computer Science

Description: Virtual actors play a starring role in films, games, and VR, but dressing them is a problem. Current methods are based on physical simulations of material, which means many physical parameters have to be set just right so that linen behaves as linen, leather as leather and so on. More than that, the visual appearance of the different materials also has to be modelled, so that velvet looks like velvet, and silk appears as silk.

This PhD will investigate a different approach to making models of cloth and clothing. Rather than have an artist sit in front of a computer screen showing array of many controls in the form of sliders and button, the artist will film the material they want to use. The film records the way the material moves and how it looks, information that the PhD will extract from the video in a way that makes it easy for the artist to use to clothing. Instead of worrying about details such as the elasticity of cotton, the artist is now free to concentrate on what really matters to them: costume design.

The referenced paper, Guarnera et al, demonstrates the idea. It shows we can already model the weave of fabrics from a single photograph, and use the model for upholstery (see the reference). This PhD is similar in its use of photographs and video, but different in it that is aims to model the way materials move and the way they reflect light.

This is an opportunity to join the highly successful CAMERA project at the University of Bath to study for a fully-funded PhD under the supervision of Professor Peter Hall. CAMERA enjoys £5 million worth of funding, enabling a state of the art motion capture studio to be installed at Bath for the purpose of motion capture research. CAMERA is allied to the Centre for Digital Entrainment and the OAK project, both at Bath. The CDE, with funding of over £10 million, places students into industry, including many in the creative sector of films, games, and broadcast.

The successful candidate will be expect to publish in the highest quality journals and conferences; to travel both within the UK and overseas and to engage with fellow academics and industrial partners. He/she will be able to demonstrate an outstanding academic record at undergraduate level in a highly numerate subject. Additional material such as publications or high quality projects can be used to support applications.

Guarnera, Hall, Chesnais and Glencross. Woven Fabric Model Creation from a Single Image. ACM Transactions on Graphics (to appear).

Application Instructions: To learn more about this project, including a structured programme of study and it is value to industry contact the lead investigator Peter Hall on

Anticipated start date: as soon as possible. Applications will close as soon as a suitable candidate is found; therefore, early application is recommended.

Formal applications must be made via the University of Bath’s online application form. See
for details.