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Title: Principal Machine Learning Scientist Posted: June 26, 2017
Company/Institution: SquadRun
Location: Noida
Department: Technical

Description: Principal Machine Learning Scientist at Squad

At Squad, we're reimagining how work gets done. We believe Humans and AI working together is the future of work. We are building a SaaS platform that would provide all the tools an operations team needs to automate their business processes. This helps enterprises scale with unprecedented SLAs of speed, accuracy, flexibility, and cost. More in this overview deck.


Enterprises have to constantly process massive amounts of unstructured data that need to be structured and enriched for operations. For example, large e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon or eBay need to curate millions of products daily, and banks need to digitize and validate forms and documents to open a new account. With over 80% of data still being unstructured and expected to grow by 10x over the next 5 years, scaling data operations continues to be an ongoing challenge. These problems are context-heavy for every enterprise which makes it even harder. Detailed 2-blog series here (Great read for background context)

Our solution makes Machine Learning & AI practical for enterprises. Building ML in-house for these processes in inhibitively expensive! Squad uses a workflow engine that breaks down business processes efficiently. It manages its own proprietary workforce of independent contractors who are skilled and ‘matched’ for specific tasks. On top of this, at the nodal level of each workflow, Squad leverages ‘human-in-the-loop’ machine learning to automate each node leveraging the custom training data generated by the workforce. We currently have standard templates for the following workflows: 1) Quality Control, 2) Attribution, 3) Onboarding & KYC, and 4) Search Relevance (more illustrations in this overview deck)


Within the first 12 months of our beta launch, we built the product and solved problems for Uber, Sephora, Tata Group, Flipkart Group, Rocket Internet Group, and Teespring, amongst others; tested the platform at scale (processed 50+ million units of data) and became profitable! We plan to grow 10x in the next 18 months. We have built an impressive early team and culture and our Series was backed by top investors India and Silicon Valley.

You would need to apply the best machine learning techniques to various aspects of business process automation and help businesses perform operational work with 10X efficiency (cost, speed, quality) than existing alternatives. For example, catalog management for commerce, content moderation for social businesses, training for AI algorithms, customer onboarding for banking and insurance etc.

One of the biggest challenge lies in shaping the product which can have flexible modules that can come together to scale most major workflows. Matching the right data problem with the right algorithm solution is a time-consuming puzzle. Building an automated model selection system will be an exciting problem as well.

We’re looking for entrepreneurial people with the right mix of experience, drive, creativity, and cultural fit to help us realise our vision of ‘reimagining how work gets done’. We are looking for a partner who is excited about this problem and would want to co-build Squad with us!

Roles & Responsibilities
  • You would closely work on building a start-of-the-artwork automation pipelines for our platform product:
    1. Workforce management to acquire, qualify, match, train and verify / Quality Control.
    2. Workflow engine to replicate each business process smartly with different configurations.
    3. Work automation (SquadAI) to help contractors by automating part of the workflows and ‘Humans ’in the loop machine learning to automate cognitive decisions once we have enough quality training data.
  • Architect & Build the work automation product layer right from the scratch by working closely with the platform engineering team.
  • Define the long term data science platform product roadmap with focus on a strong platform layer foundation.
  • Collaborate closely with engineering, business operations & product teams and leverage your expertise in devising appropriate measurements and metrics, designing randomized controlled experiments, architecting business intelligence tooling and tackling hard, open-ended problem, etc.
  • Facilitate data driven experiments to derive product insights.
  • Identify new opportunities to leverage data science to different parts of the our platform.
  • Build a sharp data science team and culture.
Background & Key traits
  • 4+ years experience working with data intensive problems at scale from inception to business impact.
  • Experience with modeling techniques such as generalized linear models, cluster analysis, random forests, boosting, decision trees, time-series, neural networks & deep learning.
  • Strong communication and documentation skills.
  • Experience using programming (Python/R/Scala) and SQL languages in analytical contexts. Experience dealing with large datasets.
  • Advanced degree in a relevant field (preferred).
  • Experience with distributed machine learning and computing framework would be a plus (Spark, Mahout or equivalent).
  • Enterprise product experience would be a big plus!
Why should you consider this seriously?
  • We’re one of the few applications of AI/ data science that actually has a massive market and business model to create a long term valuable business rather than a short term acquisition play!
  • In the last one year, we have built a product and solved problems for some of the largest brands in the world and tested platform at scale (processed 50+ million units of data). Our customers include Uber, Sephora, Teespring, Snapdeal, the Tata and Flipkart Group, amongst others and we have plans to grow 10x in the next 1.5 years.
  • We are a well balanced team of experienced entrepreneurs and are backed by top investors across India and the Silicon Valley.
  • A few advisors you will work closely as part of this role:
    • Gokul Rajaram - Square CTO and built google/ fb ads (Product),
    • Amit Ranjan - founder of slideshare (Supply growth), and
    • Shamik Sharma - led engineering for Yahoo, Flipkart, StumbleUpon (Engineering)
  • The platform empowers college students, stay at home mothers and grey collared workers as a stable source of income for working on their smartphone (Android App Link). Our contractors earn 3x of what a typical back office BPO employee makes. For us, this is truly impactful. Every day, we see success stories such as this one - how a single mother is sustaining herself. Empowering our contractors to be financially independent is a strong part of our vision!
  • Compensation: INR 24 - 36L cash + ESOP upto 30L
  • Location: We have offices in Noida and San Francisco. We’re open for remote option for the right candidates!
To Apply
  • Download our app, go through our website, social media pages, linkedin profiles, blogs, etc. Read about our hiring framework here. (Must read!).
  • Mail cover letter and resume to with the subject “Machine Learning Lead at Squad”.
  • In your cover letter, tell us why you are a good fit for this role!

Application Instructions: