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Title: QA and Data Analyst Computer VisionPosted: June 29, 2017
Company/Institution: Mapillary
Location: Remote job

Description: We have big plans for our platform and are focused and passionate with a long term goal of helping others to visualize and understand the world. Your work will be mainly in the core of our platform, pushing our groundbreaking AI technology to the next level. We are looking for a QA/Data Analyst with an eye for detail and excellent communication skills. You have a passion for high quality data requirements and accuracy. You’ll be working closely with both, the computer vision and research teams. You’ll also be leading efforts in streamlining the data import process for external datasets. Responsibilities: - Manage the human annotation flow for various image annotations including segmentation, detection, 3D bounding boxes. You will estimate customer's data needs, setup image selection and labeling guidelines, evaluate and select and build annotation tools, provide feedback to annotators, monitor progress, and perform quality assurance. - Setup QA process and benchmarks for machine-generated data from images and provide metrics for accuracy e.g. recall/precision - Setup import process for customers’ image or video data and ensure all the required metadata is parsed and stored Skills: - Proficient in scripting, including: Writing scripts for the QA process, search for specific patterns in files, visualize data, etc. Writing scripts to parse metadata from images and videos in EXIF or any related external database/files e.g. SQLites, GPX. - Strong communication and writing skills - Knowledge about statistical methods and error measures like precision and recall - Experience in introducing quality assurance processes When you apply, tell us why Mapillary is interesting for you and what would excite you in working with our product.

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